I don't like that smile.

I gulp in air and curse vehemently.

‘You... you let it attack me!’ I shout after a moment of confused thought. Konrad doesn’t reply and I slump petulantly against the wall that shades me. The silver is still at the surface of my scars. Now that it’s not killing me, I can admire the patterns. I watch as the silver shimmers in the dull light of the building’s shadow.

I shudder suddenly; an after effect of Konrad’s prodding around looking for the silver. I stand up, remembering the bus. I look around for a clock of some kind, and realise there’s no point – I didn’t see what the time was when I was kicked out of the bus.

‘Think we will ever catch up with the bus now?’ I ask, looking around stupidly. Konrad smiles. I don’t like that smile. That smile tells me he has something in store for me. Inwardly, I sigh, resigned.

The End

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