Right Here

Konrad felt Jesse’s thought, and reached out with his Power, trying to draw the Silver from Jesse. He shaped it into a ball, about two inches in diameter, and then let it fall to the floor. He got most of the silver, but there was still some that had managed to bury itself in Jesse’s arm. Konrad picked up the ball of Silver and approached Jesse. The vampire was gurgling, still trying to speak past the block in his throat. There was one thing Konrad could think of to stop it. He knelt in front of his descendant (for all vampires are descended from him) and put his hand on Jesse’s forehead, closed his eyes, and entered his body. He found the Silver after about thirty seconds, and moulded it to his will. Creating another ball, this one about the size of a pea, he interlaced his own Silver into it, creating a skin over it to stop it doing as it would. He then withdrew to his own body and stood up, smoothing out the aches, once again.

“Is that better?” he asked innocently.



Phoebe fell onto Basilic, wrapping her arms tightly around him. She whispered to him, saying she was lost. Basilic found himself moved greatly by this. He placed his arms around her, and whispered back,

“You’re right here with me, Phoebe. That’s where I want you to be forever.” He knew the answer to her questions, now. He’d always follow Phoebe. He was surprised there had ever been any doubt in his heart. 

The End

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