Told you it would go wrong.

Wordlessly, I pick myself up and glare at the bus rattling off into the distance without me.

‘Let’s see this Silver now we’re alone’ Konrad said. His appearance had certainly... changed. I preferred the human form he had, and that was unapproachable enough.

‘Fine!’ I shout, stalking off into the shade of a building nearby. My hood has come down, but I can’t be bothered to sort it out. I sit on the floor, cross-legged, and close my eyes. I look like I’m meditating, which is weird, because I know I look more like I’m about to mug someone, than meditate. I feel Konrad’s presence next to me, watching impatiently. I try for an hour, but nothing is coming. I slouch, irritated and growl at Konrad wordlessly.

‘What?’ Konrad snaps, clearly not impressed by my lack of silver.

‘You’re putting me off. Your presence is too strong.’ I say through clenched teeth. Instantly Konrad’s presence feels like it’s had a thick blanket thrown over it. I close my eyes again and let the anger face, pulling on my energy. I know I need to feed instantly before this, but... it wasn’t too long ago I fed, right? So my theory is it should be fine, it just won’t be strong and it won’t last long. I move my hand, feeling the silver stir within me. It trickles into my fingers and I draw a pattern on the floor with it. I open my eyes and watch now, trying to stay calm, but a jolt of resentment flashes through my mind and the silver rises into the air like a threatening storm cloud.

The scars on my arms writhe beneath my jacket and I feel the old silver leaping around under my skin. A strangled gasp leaves me as I rip my hoodie off. I feel sick and the burning silver inside of me ignites the scars. Quickly, the tattoo shaped scars are lined with the silver that caused them, an outline waiting to be filled. The silver fell, molten, glistening, eager to join the silver already in my body. I try to make a sound, but the silver has restricted my throat. Konrad, you dick! You said you would stop it from going wrong! I think as loudly as I can.

The End

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