Basilic sighed. She hadn’t seen everything, what happened next. What had truly broken his heart, more so than the jeering and bullying, what had left him a cold, heartless bully for years. He asked himself what she asked him. If I find her, would I love her? Would I follow her? He knew the answer. It wasn’t what Phoebe wanted, but it would have to do. After all… She didn’t know the rest of the story.

“Phoebe, I hope not. I honestly hope not, as much as I hope never to see her again. You don’t know the rest of the story, the thing that truly broke me. But I can’t say that I wouldn’t. That would be promising something that I can’t predict. And I won’t do that to you.” He stood, leaving her. She must hate me right now, he thought sadly. But he located it, the golden ring sitting under an unoccupied chair not far away. He then walked back towards the phoenix, and knelt before her. He placed the ring in her hands and clasped hers around it, before raising them, cupped, to his lips and softly kissing them. “Don’t deny yourself your memories, Phoebe. They’re what make us, us.”


“Fine,” Konrad spat, disgusted at Jesse, but knowing that even he couldn’t change the adamant mind of the vampire next to him. He transformed, changing to his True Form, with wings in case he had to quickly leave Jesse to his fate. He grabbed Jesse’s shirt.

“Ready?” he asked, and, without waiting for a reply, pushed him out of the hole in the bus’ side, and then leapt out himself, exhilarated at the feel. Jesse had either landed on his feet or had clambered to them, Konrad honestly didn’t care, but was striding towards him angrily. Before he could speak, Konrad said,

 “Let’s see this Silver now we’re alone,” 

The End

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