Stubborn little Rogue, aren't I?

Konrad is trying to get my interest and make me do what he wants me to.

‘Listen, Konrad. I put people in enough danger as it is, just by being what I am. I mean, look at what happened when I got pissed off in a fight with a vampire hunter! I ended up turning him into an uncontrollable wreck of a vampire and then he ended up creating a half blood. Forgive me for being reluctant to do something so dangerous in such a crowded space. Threatening to kill me, and then trying to grab my interest? It’s not gonna work. Sorry. If you wanna see so bad, we can go somewhere quieter.’ I tell him. I can feel the rage rolling off him and his eyes are dangerous. I swallow nervously, trying not to let him see my shaking hands. I look out of the window at the passing town and bite my lower lip a little.

The End

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