Silver and Past Loves

Jesse told him no? Jesse had refused to do as he said! That got Konrad’s back up.

“Look, Jesse, you’ll produce Silver, now. I have every right to kill you now, you have been a Rogue for longer than I care to remember. And anyway, I can control it if necessary. But if I don’t see how proficient you are, how can I help you improve? I mean, it’s hard to help someone if you don’t know what they’re capable of to start with.” Konrad said, smiling slyly. If he was right, that would pique Jesse’s interest.


What the hell was that!? What the hell was that?” Phoebe snarled, disgust layering her voice. Basilic was bemused. That was a memory. A memory that made him happy. What was her problem? He put up with the fact that she still loved Blaze. They both had their baggage. Was she content to let her have her own whilst denying him any?

“Oh, come on, Phoebe! That was in the past! Fine, it makes me… Happier to think of it, but it’s Her! Why else would I lock it away? And I didn’t unlock them.” He shot a quick glance at Raven. He knew what she had done, he just hadn’t confronted her about it because he didn’t want to start an argument. “And anyway, are you saying that you don’t love Blaze anymore? That you’ve put aside any affection for him you ever had? It’s not that easy, you it isn’t. But she broke my heart. She knew how I felt. But she still abandoned me.” 


The End

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