Frozen Memories

Phoebe paused, freezing. She felt something, something terrible. She looked towards Bas, her mind became blank before becoming overwhelmed with thoughts, feelings and memories. She closed her eyes as the images became more vivid.

She sat upon a jutting cliff overlooking a beach. She had hardly ever been to a warm beach, her home was full of snow, trees and vast plains of ice.

"Freak!" She heard one of the kids shout, someone from behind the other two. Phoebe's heart jumped as she saw Bas take off his glasses and turn into a snake, striking down the two boys. They fell like dolls, broken unwanted dolls. It was so easy for him. She feared for what she would see next and gasped when Bas approached girl but was somewhat relieved when all he did was throw a note to the floor.

She snapped back to reality, the sun stinging her eyes for a moment. She looked to Bas, his gaze was cold, his expression frozen. She thought it was hard for her to watch, she never even comprehended what it had been like for Bas. She lowered her head for a moment. "Sorry." She muttered, not intending anyone to here, it was really for herself.  

The End

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