Basilic felt… Unneeded as Raven and Phoebe embraced, and though he was glad she hadn’t died, he wanted to know how. That stone, as Phoebe had said, must be very Powerful, as he’d never seen anything like that before. He knelt by them again stared hard at the stone, trying to figure what could have put such Power into such a small piece of… Something. He couldn’t figure out what kind of stone it was either. He closed his eyes and concentrated, casting his mind back down the decades, trying to remember if there was anything that he could use to figure it out. 

He was looking upon a beach, the sun setting, casting a red glow upon the sky. The waves, shifting sapphires beneath him, frothing slightly as the current created miniature waves, rolled back to the ocean spread before him. The beach itself, abandoned by all human life, was golden, reflecting the last of the sun’s rays. He admired the natural beauty of it, but he despised the beach. He hated memories he had of that foul place. He preferred the woodlands of his home, the oaks rising out of the heavily vegetated earth, the autumnal leaves littering the ground, their colours creating a striking collage on the ground. He felt someone push his back, the power behind it forcing him to his knees. A group of older boys surrounded him. They jeered as one of the boys kicked him, winding him. The torture lasted for another half hour.

“You’re worthless, Bas!”

“You’re a freak! Look at you, even now you’re wearing sunglasses!”

“Yeah, take the glasses off, Freak!”

This last remark came from a girl hanging back from the boys. That hurt more than the physical torture he’d endured. Suddenly, the anger exploded. He ripped off the glasses and glared at the boy in front of him, and he shed his human skin, becoming a huge snake, eyes burning with rage. He glared at each boy in turn, until the bodies collapsed. He didn’t look back at the bodies, he was afraid of what he’d see. Finally, it was him and the girl. She stood there, paralysed by fear. He slithered towards her. She whimpered. He changed back to human form and stood in front of her, after retrieving his glasses. She looked at him. He pulled a note of his pocket and crumpled it, dropping it on the floor and walking away in disgust. He looked back once and saw her reading the note before he ran home.

Basilic shook his head. Damn the unlocking of those memories. The ones that contained Her. He should have realised that whenever he cast his mind back now she’d spring to the fore. 

The End

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