Pure Gift

“It’s pure gift to be able to see ghosts,” Eli said, quite charmingly, I may add. “Only lucky people get to, though.”

            I stared at his face, still trying to figure out where I knew him from. Meanwhile I was also asking myself, why I was so suddenly able to see ghosts, while Alec could not. Gabby seemed to already be aware that she could see ghosts, but was also sceptic to as why I could, too.

            “And just how many gifted people have you come across?” I asked him curious if it was a normal thing to be able to see ghosts. Eli thought about it for a moment, Gabby and I both watching him tensely.

            “Well I can’t say people like you two come around often…..But then again the nature of a ghost is to secretly inhabit someplace, no?”

            Yes, I guess that was true, but his explanation didn’t make me feel anymore secure. Also, the fact that my brother could not see him didn’t help either. We’d always been so much alike, and suddenly, there’s this difference that was so uncalled for.

            But maybe this is just what we needed, maybe Eli could help us find what we're looking for; our history. 

The End

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