Show you my silver?

I grab the jacket and shades from the little sink. I slip the jacket back on, not enjoying how warm I instantly become under the material. But I also feel safer, somehow. Less exposed. The scars are hidden. I slide the shades on and exit the little room. Raven is sprawled on the floor, Phoebe and Basilic trying to help her. Something pulses deep within me and I’m drawn to the figure on the floor. I can only watch, though, as Phoebe says something and kisses Raven’s forehead. I get myself out of the way and sit back down, next to the wolf sitting in Konrad’s seat.

‘Show me your silver, Jesse,’ the wolf says, Konrad’s voice escaping its maw. I look at it, bemused for a minute.

‘How am I supposed to show you something that’s under my skin?’ I ask, scepticism creeping into my voice. He sighs impatiently at my momentary idiocy.

‘I meant create some.’ Konrad explains. My lips form a chapped “O” of realisation. I shake my head.

‘I’m not doing it here.’ I laugh at the thought. ‘C’mon, last time it went so wrong that my own magic attacked me!’ I hear Konrad make a disgruntled noise, but I’m still laughing to myself.

The End

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