Talking to Ghosts.

'So you can, too?'

Well, she didn't last long on the innocent act.

I didn't see any sense in denying it, so I just nodded and her eyes visibly widened.

'B- but... how?' she seemed totally gob-smacked that I could see Eli too.

'H- how can you see him?' I asked, mocking her shocked tone. I realised that I was being unnecessaryily harsh. I tried to tone it down a bit. 'How does anyone see Ghosts?' I replied.

She seemed to ponder that for a moment, a thoughtful look on her young, yet extremely old, face. I realised that we were, very rudely, ignoring Eli.

I turned to face him, sticking my hand out as if to shake his, before remembering that he was made out of ecto-plasm or whatever, and dropped it, opting for a shy smile instead.

'Hey, Eli, I'm Gabby.' He just nodded slightly.

The End

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