Can't You Hear Me Knocking?

“Can you see this guy?”

            I had been talking to Eli, trying to figure out where I knew him from, or if I knew him at all. So far I’d drawn up a blank, and I didn’t want to randomly ask him.

 Someone had come over to us and sharply asked me a question. I blinked then thought quickly.I don’t know can you, my mind shot back at her, but I didn’t want to be rude to her.

Although, I didn’t want  to seem like a freak, talking to someone who wasn’t really there. I didn’t know if she could see him too, or was just pulling my leg. So I tried putting on an innocent face, but I feel that I failed.

            “Um……Well- what?”

            She didn’t seem convinced, in fact far from it, so abandoned that plan and switched to another. “Oh! You mean Eli? Yeah, of course I can see him. So you can, too?” no point in pretending anymore.   

The End

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