The Ghost.

I had been sitting, looking out of the window, trying to ignore all the commotion going on around me. It's their fight, after all.

But then, when I heard someone fall over, I looked around. Raven was on the floor, with Basilic and Pheobe crouched over her. but that wasn't where my attention was.

I was looking at the Ghost.

I had been able to see Ghosts since my Gran's death, remember? I could even see that weird one who had been obsessed about Mike. What was her name? Fancy Anne, that was it.

This one appeared to be talking to Celeste, the girl who had just gotten on the bus with Alec. Although I could see, even from here, that Alec himself couldn't see the spirit.

I stood up, reluctantly, to go talk to Celeste. I wanted to know what she was seeing and how she was seeing it.

I walked slowly down the aisle until I came to a stop between the seat where Celeste was sitting and the seat where the ghost sat.

I turned to talk to the girl.

"Can you see this guy?" I demanded, jerking my thumb over my shoulder at the ghost. My voice was harsher than necessary.

A look of confusion crossed her face, but she was a bad actress - I could see immediately that it was fake. But I have no idea why she would try to keep this from me...?

The End

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