Mind me.....

“Eli?.......Celeste, I think you really should rest-“

            She was talking to nobody…..I just didn’t get why she was suddenly so- out there. Usually she’s on top of everything. However now, she’s so tired she thinks she’s seeing people who aren’t there.

            Unless there really is a ghost there. I thought to myself, but then thought better. Ghosts might exist, but they are one hard species to find. They can hide themselves almost completely, and only the strongest powered beings can see them.

            Neither me or my sister had that kind of power. I could identify most kinds of beings, but ghosts are tricky. And I could, at that moment sense someone touching my mind.

            Looking around, I searched calmly for the one that was mentally scrutinizing me, and that person was somewhere on this bus. It was hard to concentrate, with all the ruckus going on around me. Where were they? I must find them…..   

The End

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