Raven, Forgetting, Wolf and Silver

Basilic knew that Phoebe could sense he liked the jacket. But then, he honestly didn’t care that she’d singed holes in it. He just wanted her to stop being so down in the dumps, and he was about to say so when she turned around and called out,  "Raven, you okay... Raven?" Basilic turned around and saw the shape shifter sprawled on the bus floor. As usual, no-one else ran to help. He sprung out of his seat and walked briskly towards her. He hated trying to heal people. He was no good at it. Phoebe knelt beside him. He sent out to her, “It doesn’t matter, Phoebe. Just… Just forget it.”

Konrad stepped aside as Jesse ran to get his jacket. He sighed and rubbed his temples again. He had a thumping headache. Processing what Jesse had told him, he transformed. Becoming a slightly smaller wolf than normal, he sat on the seat and looked out the window, trying to think. His fur blocked most of the sun, but it still warmed him, although pleasurably so, rather than irritatingly. And this way he didn’t go burn like Jesse had. Konrad thought what Jesse had told him. He hadn’t known that the latest generations of vampires could use Silver. Jesse returned and Konrad turned to him, and gave his form human speech.

 “Show me your silver, Jesse,”

The End

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