Silver is a bit beyond me

‘It matters because I say it does, Jesse,’ Konrad lowered his voice and his tone became even more threatening, ‘and if it doesn’t matter, you won’t mind telling me, will you?’ On the inside, I freaked. Let’s face it; the guy isn’t the most approachable sort. On the outside, I remained blank and unfazed.

‘It matters because you say it does. Interesting theory.’ I say coldly. The rebellious part of my personality can’t be smothered and has finally broken through. I instantly slap my forehead, wishing the seat would swallow me. The sun climbs higher in the sky, my skin gets hotter, beginning to burn again. ‘Sorry,’ I apologise. I bite my lip. I need my jacket kinda badly. Konrad doesn’t say anything. I stay in my seat, torn between self preservation and... well, self preservation. Get out of the sun, or try and convince Konrad that I’m worth keeping alive. I try to start again.

‘The scars... are the result of an experiment with silver gone rather awry. I can’t remember the exact details, but I just can’t master silver. It attacked me. It wrapped itself around my body in these weird patterns and burnt me. I must have passed out, because the next thing I knew most of the silver was gone, save for a few bits that got stuck in my flesh and the scars it left behind. I can’t really say much more on the subject...’ I say, realising it sounds like I’m keeping something from him. ‘I’m gonna go get my jacket. I’ll be right back.’ I get up, head hung low with the growing feeling of stupidity, and make my way back into the bathroom.

The End

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