Similar Actions

“It matters because I say it does, Jesse,” Konrad said through gritted teeth. “And if it doesn’t matter, you won’t mind telling me, will you?” he added, trying, and failing, to put on a less threatening voice. He just ended up getting quieter, which actually sounded more threatening. He rubbed his aching temple as he awaited Jesse’s answer.

“Oh, Phoebe? You’re not weak. You’ve not exactly had an easy life, have you? And forget the jacket. It’s worthless.” Basilic said. He’d just realised he hadn’t replied. How could he be so stupid? Now she must think he agreed with her. He rubbed his head, trying to rid himself of the joint feeling of headache and stupidity. He then realised that Konrad was doing exactly the same thing and pulled his hand away quickly. He didn’t want to do anything that Konrad did. He hated the sly old vampire, and wanted to rip his guts out. Well, maybe just snap his neck. Nothing quite so gory in front of Phoebe. 

The End

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