Silence, is not Golden

Phoebe breathed in, the bus air making her cough. She woke to see Basilic looking her in the eyes. She smiled, clutching to him as he led her off the bus. "Phoebe just needs to get some fresh air." Bas said to Beth. Phoebe blushed she didn't want to cause a fuss; but she was glad when she breathed in the cold air.

When they were outside she turned to Bas. "I'm sorry. I'm so weak, I did mean for any of this to happen." She looked at his jacket, pushing herself away. "Now look! I'm burning your jacket!" She sighed. "I'm so... so.. sorry." She cried, holding her head in her hands, she kept her eyes covered as Basilic had placed her arm round her and led her back onto the bus in silence. By the time she had gotten back to her seat her hands were wet with her tears.

The End

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