Why does that matter?

Konrad snapped questions at me, clearly angered by me somehow. Though my skin was stinging from the light, I sat and tried to answer.

‘I recognised the power from the necklace as the same power that was blocking her memories,’ I shrug, ‘it wasn’t hard to figure out.’ Oops, shouldn’t have said that. Konrad clenched his teeth. As for the scars... I look at the pale scar tissue as I hand over the necklace and wonder how I should go about answering that.

‘And the scars, Jesse?’ Konrad repeats, annoyed by me trying to think of a way to explain it. I shrug again.

‘Nothing to say about them. Why does it matter?’ I ask, rubbing the scars on my arm uncomfortably, all too conscious of just how horrible they look. Like I said before, if they were coloured like a tattoo, they would look fine. But as scars, they just look like a burn of some kind.

The End

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