Canada and a Few Questions.


Basilic stood there, fuming, as Jesse attempted to sort Phoebe’s memory. All Jesse did was remove the necklace Konrad had made, and Phoebe seemed to regain her personality. She projected ‘I… Love… You…” the effort she used to send out those three words obviously hugely strenuous. He then realised she’d got hit by his gaze. He rushed over to her looked her in the eye, trying to break the paralysis he’d unintentionally placed her under. She gasped, breathing in deeply, filling her lungs with the stuffy, less-than-air that filled the bus. He grinned down at her, and then stood her up and hugged her. He then turned her around and steered her to the front of the bus.

“Err… Could you pull over for five minutes? She just needs to get some fresh air.” Phoebe looked reproachful at being the blame for stopping the bus, but Basilic just ignored her glare and tried not to notice that she was starting to burn his expensive leather jacket as she clutched it. He sighed and put his arms around her, protectively. Beth pulled the bus over and Basilic led Phoebe off. He just sat down on the verge, and breathed the fresh air in. He loved Canada. It was so… Wild. But he could hear the distant rumble of the airport get louder. He sighed and wondered over to Phoebe, walking up behind her and kissing her cheek. “Time to go,” he whispered, before leading her back to the bus and to their seats. He sat her down by the window and sat by the aisle himself, wrapping his arms protectively around her, but he turned around and looked at Konrad, who was in discussion with Jesse. He caught the vampire’s eye and scowled at him, before turning back to Phoebe.


Konrad was astonished. He’d been outdone by a Rogue. He was also disgruntled by the fact. He turned to his subordinate and his eyes smouldered.

“OK, first thing’s first. How did you know it was the necklace? Oh, and hand it over, anyway,” he snapped. “And I also want to know exactly how you got those scars on your arm.”

The End

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