Too easy?


I pull Basilic away from Konrad and I’m really glad I’m stronger as he thrashes around in my grasp.

‘Apologise!’ I gasp from behind the basilisk.

‘Don’t make me bite you again,’ Bas threatened. My eyes widen and I release him hastily. He carries on shouting, mostly about how rubbish vampires are, how just because basilisks aren’t perfect, it doesn’t mean vampires can argue against it because we’re just as bad. Blah. I move towards Phoebe. She’s passed out in her seat. I crouch beside her, keeping out of Basilic’s way. And Konrad’s.

I put a hand on her forehead, sending my mind into hers. I find the block easily enough, and recognise the power almost immediately. I frown and try to find the source. I open my eyes and withdraw.

I see the fine chain of the necklace around her neck and put a finger on it. I was right then. I lift it over her head and wait with baited breath for her to wake up. I’m hoping it will be that easy, but then, nothing ever is, so I won’t be surprised if that doesn’t completely work.

The End

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