Silver Patterns.

Konrad finally unfroze, and then Jesse seemingly abandoned him. He walked up to Basilic, intending to apologise to him for what had happened to Phoebe (although point out that he hadn’t done it intentionally, once again). He cleared his throat and was about to start speaking when Basilic turned around and started yelling incomprehensible sentences at him. He only caught odd words.

“Vampires… All the same… Idiots… Criminals… Need to be killed… Wiped out… Inferior…” This shocked Konrad; Basilic had always been the more… Level-headed and calm out of the basilisks he had met. But then, love makes people do crazy things, he reflected solemnly. Look what he’d done to Isabella… He shook his head and cleared her out of his thoughts as well. Then he remembered, Pandora. The thought that she might not be fully healed riled him. He wanted to be with her. And then Basilic pushed him. That set him off, and he started shouting; all the secrets of the basilisks that he knew. He watched Basilic’s face darken, and then turn a pale grey as he recounted the many horrors the elders of the basilisks had done whilst young and still urged young basilisks to do.

“You see, child of Murderers, your species is no better than mine, and what I did to Phoebe was truly an accident, and I drink blood out of a need to survive. Why have your elders killed people?” he knew he was being slightly hypocritical, but he was so fired up he didn’t care. He took a breath and was about to continue when Jesse, without his jacket on, joined the fray. Konrad could feel silver in his arm. The patterns the scars made… They seemed to enhance the power beyond what Konrad could produce. It was tainted, tainted should mean less powerful, but no… It was unnatural… 

The End

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