Silver Scars

Konrad tumbles to the floor again and Basilic glares at him a moment longer and turns to Phoebe. Sunlight spills onto Konrad’s face and unable to move out of the light, I pull him into what little shade there is, but I know it’s not enough. I apologise for not being able to move him any more comfortable. Not like I can, really, since he’s all frozen up. I can hear him mentally cursing things, but I’m not really listening. I sit down and wait for the basilisk gaze to wear off, my back to the sun, shading Konrad’s face. Except sitting here, I’m getting really quite hot. I am wearing a hoodie in the sun.

Eventually, Konrad begins to move, his limbs twitching a little as the basilisk power fades. I look over at Basilic. I really want that blob back. I need to take my jacket off. I fan myself with one hand and reach with the other to Konrad as he tries to get up. My skin is healing over now it’s out of the sun, but it stings a little as Konrad grips my hand. I hide the grimace and Konrad mutters a sullen “thank you” as he stiffly rises, shielding his eyes from the sun with a hand, eager to get off and into the shade of a building some place where there are no windows.

The Elder makes his way back over to Bas and I watch on, apprehensive. I really hope he doesn’t piss Basilic off too much more. I get up and make my way to the back. There’s a little bathroom there. I’m going to hide in there, out of the sun light. I know I’m not supposed to be leaving Gabby to her own devices, but really, I can’t exactly take her into the toilet with me. I’m sure that would attract a few raised eyebrows.

‘I’m gonna be in here. I’m overheating.’ I pass Konrad and indicate to the bathroom as I speak. I don’t wait for an answer. I lock the door behind me and unzip my jacket, throwing it in the sink basin. Exposing my skin for the first time in god knows how long. It feels good. I catch sight of my arms in the dirty mirror and look at the silver scars that pattern my limbs. What a disastrous experiment that one was! I laugh to myself quietly as I remember how the silver attacked me. Flecks of silver still embedded in my flesh, almost invisible. The scars are okay, I suppose. I should get them coloured in, they would make a pretty awesome tattoo. It almost looks like one of those tribal designs.

I hear shouting outside of the little bathroom and I sigh, absently tracing my scars. I should probably go back... I unlock the door and poke my head out and bemused by all the shouting, I come out properly and try to break the fight up. I curse inwardly. No one else should see these scars.

The End

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