Phoebe shook violently for a second, she could feel someone inside her head, but he left soon after. She turned to Bas, Bas... "Bas! Blaze... Basilic...Bas." She looked at him, his eyes burning into Konrad. "No!" She screamed standing infront of Basilic. "Don't do this, is this truly what you want?" She looked into his eyes... those eyes. They were deep green and so... so sleepy. She felt herself fall, those deep green eyes.

Phoebe fell, Basilic's gaze draining her power what little of it she had left. She was foolish to think she could have stood up to him. She remembered, Bas. Blaze called him Bas. Blaze. He was dead, she had moved on to Basilic. But, why was she here? What happened to her? Why did she feel so... Dead? She could hear muffled sounds in the background. But didn't know what they were saying.

"B.. a..ss." she whispered before her mind went blank. She could feel memories swirling round, but like a kitten chasing butterflies she couldn't grab them.  

The End

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