Do It Quickly

“What?” Konrad asked, very clearly and slowly. He honestly had no idea what had happened to Phoebe. “Basilic, I don’t know. Honestly. I wouldn’t have done anything that would do anything like this purposefully. I can only try and help. I’ve never had to try and heal a phoenix before…” he muttered as he walked down the bus. “Jesse…?” he asked, and then carried on, expecting he would follow.

Crouching by Phoebe, Konrad took her hand carefully. He took his soul out of his body and transferred through to Phoebe’s. He could have taken over her body easily, her defences were so low, but he kept to being a visitor in the most private of places: someone’s mind. He searched through her mind carefully, not changing anything. He found all of her memories intact, but behind a seemingly smoky barrier. He tried to pass through but got repulsed. He wasn’t sure, but he could swear that, through the link to his physical body, he had felt her spasm. He thought hard, returning to his body. He rose, and tried to smooth out the aches that occurred in one’s body when left unattended for even a short amount of time.

“OK, the memories are there. She just can’t access them. I don’t know how to open them to her… Did she spasm just then?” he continued without waiting for an answer, “If she did, that was when I was trying to access the memories.” He shut up, when he saw Basilic standing there quietly, looking straight at him. Without his glasses on. Konrad froze up, limbs locking, jaw slightly open.

Basilic had had enough of stupid vampires. He’d had it, and now Konrad, who he had considered a friend, had gone and done this to Phoebe. Well, he wasn’t having it. He would sort Phoebe out, and he’d do it quickly. 

The End

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