Gulp... I'm gonna stay out of your way!

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Go jump in a hole. This is what I would like to say to him. “Having a jacket on will only delay the inevitable” BLAH. I’m quite glad that at this point, Basilic punches Konrad, because that means he’s not listening to my thoughts anymore.

I get up slowly, unwilling to be bitten by the basilisk again. I pull the Elder to his feet and try to ignore Basilic’s burning glare. Good old shades, eh?

‘What did you do?’ Basilic asks again. Konrad’s face is a mask of confusion, but I can tell the confusion is genuine.

‘What happened?’ I ask, cutting in. I know I have to defend the Elder, but... Basilic can be very vicious, especially when the phoenix is involved somehow.

‘She’s lost her memory! She thinks that Blaze is still alive!’ He yells, the fury in his voice almost tangible. I gulp and keep out of the basilisk’s way.

The End

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