What did you do to her?!

Ha! He’s dreading what I’m going to do to him. Konrad was amused, to say the least. His punishment had, in part, already started. Looking after Gabby, the insolent, unknowledgeable adolescent she was. Konrad stood and walked over to the ‘Rogue’.

“Get away from the window, Jesse. I don’t care whether you want to or not, but you’re going to move. I also don’t care whether you have a jacket on; it’ll only delay the inevitable. So get you arse out of that chair and sit somewhere shaded. Now, Jesse.” He said, voice steely, begging Jesse to disobey him. As it turned out, the bus wasn’t much more exciting than the airport. He couldn’t understand why Jet was helping him… After all the history there, he was surprised he hadn’t sent him back to Satan himself. He shook his head and cleared Jet from his thoughts. That was a puzzle for another day. He heard feet stomping down the bus and turned, to meet with a fist. It pushed him onto the hard, cold metal of the bus floor. It was littered with gum and rubbish. He growled, and heard Basilic yell down at him, hurt perpetrating his voice, sorrow resounding in the silence after.

“What did you do to her?!” 


The End

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