Dreading my next stop.

Okay, so I hadn’t completely covered up. My fists had come uncurled, and I was letting the tips of my fingers smoulder.

‘Jesse, get away from that window, you idiot! Don’t you dare let yourself burn. I thought living was your punishment, Jesse? You shouldn’t try to escape punishments. They’re there for a reason.’ Konrad’s ominous voice met my ears under the cover of the hood. I nodded, half in agreement, half just for the sake of moving. I don’t say anything for a moment. Eyes are on me, watching curiously.

‘I’m hardly killing myself by burning my fingers, am I?’ I say defiantly. I hold my fingers up, the burning flesh cracking and searing as I move them. Konrad narrows his eyes at me and I let my hands drop.

‘Jesse, don’t be such an imbecile. Cover up for Mother’s sake!’ Konrad says irritably. I look up and see a couple of people covering their noses. I roll my eyes, hidden by the dark glasses and shove my hands in my pockets, hunching over to hide my face again. Konrad sighs and speaks again.

‘We’re nearly at our stop.’ He says, looking out of the window briefly. I follow his gaze. Sure enough we’re on a main road, passing through less rural areas. I look up at the lightening sky and see a couple of planes trailing through the atmosphere. I nod again, to myself and bite my lower lip. I’m beginning to dread getting there. I don’t wanna know what Konrad has in store for me. I realise I’m thinking fairly loudly. Konrad probably heard that. I slouch down as far as I can and make my mind go as blank as I possibly can.

The End

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