Windows, Punishment and Death

When Phoebe had come round, Basilic’s heart jumped to his throat, and he was about to move to hug her when she asked where Blaze was. His pulse raised, but his spirits dropped. This was going to be hard. She didn’t remember that she loved him. He felt his mood darken. He hated thinking about Blaze. He felt like he was betraying him. But to tell Phoebe she had killed him… That might break her completely. He didn’t want to risk that. He’d have to be very careful and sensitive with this.

“Phoebe? Blaze… Blaze is dead. He has been for sixteen years… I’m… I’m so sorry…” he said, trying not to think about the circumstances in which he died. That would be too much for her to bear now, he was sure. Her eyes widened in shock, and he hugged her tightly.


“B... Blood? Like... Like people blood?” 

Human. Well, either that or animal. If it’s something like basilisk, for example, or phoenix, we’d die.” He explained irritably. She should know this, he thought, forgetting she wasn’t a vampire. He noticed she had edged away. He turned and looked at her, grinning slyly. He let his fangs grow. “What, scared of a little bit of reality?” He smelt burning flesh. The acrid smell assaulted his nose. He traced it from where he was sitting. Jesse. What the Hell is he doing?! he though, half angry and half worried for the vampire’s sanity.

“Jesse, get away from that window, you idiot! Don’t you dare let yourself burn.” Jesse ignored him, and he started getting really wound up. “I thought living was your punishment, Jesse? You shouldn’t try to escape punishments. They’re there for a reason,” he said ominously. 

The End

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