Necklace of Silver, Diamond, Light and Fire

Basilic was astonished as Phoebe thrashed about the seat, his eyes widening in shock. He managed to wrench himself back to the land of the living. He knelt down and tried to put more power in her. He cursed himself as he felt nothing apart from a trickle enter her body. Nowhere near enough, Bassy. You need help, and there’s someone here who could, Blaze’s voice said, the sound appearing from nothingness, but the resounding truth of it imprinted on his mind. He spun around and darted to Konrad. 

“Konrad, I need you now. It’s Phoebe. Come on!” he said, dragging the vampire away from Raven. “Help her, Konrad. I’ll be in your debt.” He said it solemnly, but he knew the vampire could help. If he tried. 

Konrad knelt by the phoenix, closed his eyes and delved within himself, drawing at the Power he contained. He fashioned a necklace made of silver with a diamond on it, containing Light, as pure as he could make it, but Darkness was his speciality. Concentrating, he put fire in the diamond, heat enough for a phoenix’s heart to feel. He opened his eyes and the necklace appeared in a flash. It hovered in front of him, and seemed to have a smoky quality, as if it was about to disappear. He picked it out of the air and handed it to Basilic.

“Be careful, that’s delicate power. Be too rough and it will disappear. The Power in the silver and diamond will, hopefully, help.” He instructed calmly, and he watched as Basilic placed it around Phoebe’s neck, lifting her deep red-brown hair over it.

Smiling, Konrad then walked back up the bus. He’d actually helped someone. It felt… Kind of good, he supposed. He approached Raven, and sat next to her.

“You want to know about my eyes? Being red, they mean I’m hungry. If they glow, means I’m either really angry or have just used powerful Power.” 

The End

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