We ran together, passing several towns while I watched him feed off unsuspecting sleeping people. I tried to avoid human blood, tried to avoid even smelling it.

But it was so hard! Jesse fed with such eagerness, and I just stood, watching him. I think he barely noticed me.

It soon became too difficult for me, and I wandered off to find an animal to kill. Turkish delight was tasty, but it couldn't quench my thirst.

I managed to catch an owl mid-flight, plucking it from the air then forcing it's thrashing form to my lips, sucking greedily. Not to self; Owl's do not taste good. Not compared to how human blood smells, at least. Just one drop wouldn't be too evil, would it?

No! I shook my head, trying to rid my head of the bad thoughts. If I were to drink a persons blood, even if I kept them alive, I would lose my humanity. I can't do that.

After a few more squirrels and mice, I found the road again. I was there just in time to see Jesse running away towards the red bus, leaving behind a field full of dead cows. That farmer's going to be angry, I thought to myself.

I followed Jesse, but I couldn't keep up. I was still only a half-blood, and could run only half as fast as him. But still, it wasn't long before I jumped back through the shattered glass in the side of the bus again.

The End

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