Stars and Tears

The stars flickered in and out of existence. A thousand stars, Phoebe thought about how they were suns, just like ours just they were very far away. They flickered, like lights being switched on and off. She looked at them. The energy Basilic was giving her kept her awake, but not strong. She felt weak and vulnerable. She knew dawn was close, but it was too far away for her.

She grasped Basilic's hand squeezing it tightly as she collapsed into the chair. "Sorry." She murmerred, she had pulled Basilic with her, but not so he fell over, he just stumbled slightly. She rested her head on the seat. Basilic's energy keeping her awake, keeping her eyes open. Her smile began to fade as she drifted into a dream, a day-dream.

"Come on, you did it before. CHANGE!" The man growled, his face contorted with anger. Phoebe, only small compared to him cowered, shaking. She could hear cheering going on in the next room. "Change damn you!" He hit her with the flat end of the blade he was holding. Clutching her face Phoebe ran from the room, past the open door where the celebrations were taking place. She ran and ran and ran. Until the floor and walls disappeared.

The next image she saw was her family, screaming as they tried to escape the burning house, Phoebe was a little older now, but no older than thirteen. She was on fire, the warmth consumed her, and her family. Soon she was on her knees, sat in the ash of her home and family. She picked up a piece of glass and slit her wrists, but the sun only healed them again. She cried, her golden tears making flowers grow where the ash had once been.

Now, she was older. Just like she is now, she's knelt between Basilic and Blaze, both at her sides. Tears streamed down her face, but she was lifted by the Basilisk's, lifted to her feet yet still she felt sorrow. The Basilisk's then became faceless figures and began to pull at her arms, before they burst into flames.

In her day-dream Phoebe writhed, in pain, sorrow and anger. She thought of things she thought best to forget, but couldn't. Her smile was wiped from her face completely, her eyes were closed, but tears fell from them unknowingly. She then began to think of the stars, flickering in and out of existence. She thought of them like her own flame. Although, she didn't want to. 


The End

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