Canversations With No One

I wish I could sleep. I don’t really remember what it’s like, but I want to dream again. While I cannot sleep, I can mentally shut off my mind, sort of. While one half of my brain rests, the other half is still functioning, and I usually spy on people while I snooze.

            A lot of strange things are happening on this bus. There seems to be some commotion between the Vampires and a blob up front. And now the Shape Shifters in on it, too. She’d better watch herself….

            I was suddenly aware of my sister’s voice. I wonder who she’s talking to……The Wolf girl, maybe. I pull myself out of my snooze and glace over at Celeste. She’s usually not this crazy, but at the moment she was talking, talking to herself.

            She faced the other seat, looking curiously at something. I didn’t see anything there, but she was still chatting away to whatever it was. I reached over and tapped her shoulder.

            “Celeste, who are you talking to?”

             She turned to face me and kind of gave me a weird look. “Eli, of course. Does he seem familiar to you? Because he does to me.” She motioned to the seat across from us. The Wolf girl seemed to be day dreaming, and no one else was sitting in the seat with her.

            I furrowed my brows and shook my head, “Celeste, when was the last time you rested? Because no one is sitting there.”

            “What? Yes there is! Eli is right here. Can’t you see him?

The End

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