“He’s an old… Acquaintance of mine…” he said, a bit unsure of the way Phoebe was acting. She seemed nervous. He tried to make himself think it was just because she needed sunlight, but he knew it was more than that. Konrad was having some kind of adverse affect on her. “His name is Konrad. He was the first of vampires, and is currently one of only three or four Elders left.” He felt her thoughts wash over him. He closed his eyes, and was submersed in memories, some of them his, some hers.

He was in the Study Hall, a young child, being yelled at for talking. Again, the Study Hall, but this time, he was being congratulated. He’d passed the Exam with the second best record ever, only Blaze in front of him. At this moment, resentment passed through him, resentment towards Blaze, but it was only in the memory. That had been before he knew of Blaze’s tortuous past.

Then he was in the elder’s study. It wasn’t his memory, though. It was Phoebe’s. He tried to not listen, but it wasn’t possible, the memory held him in it’s sway. Another memory, another of Phoebe’s. He was astonished at how she’d been in the Compound but he’d only seen her a few times, when he’d lived there for his whole life. 

He resurfaced, breaching the memories and returning to the present. He’d missed her once before; it’d never happen again. He took her weight easily and put an arm around her, to keep her steady and secure, and then put a bit more energy into her, before whispering, “It’s not long until dawn.”  

The End

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