Daylight and Moonlight

Phoebe smiled, resting herself on him. "I'm fine, I just need the sun to come up thats all." She smiled faintly. The rush of energy warmed her, but not as much as the sun would, she could almost feel the sunlight on her face, making even her pale skin glow. She shook her head, determined not to fall asleep again. "Who is this Bas...ilic?" She almost forgot his rule.

"Moonlight, that belongs to the creatures of night, vampires, werewolves, even some shape-shifters. But you, you are a creature of light and need much more than the moon can give. You see, if you don't you will fade. Drifting into eternal sleep, but only if you go for days without the suns glow." She remembered the voice of the elder Basilisk in her head, reading from an old tome. She hated him, but he was wise and also telling the truth.

She felt Basilic's energy slightly warming her blood and she smiled. But she was also afraid, this presence infront of her was strong, 'who is he? Why is he here? Hmmm'  Her thoughts wandered for a moment, but he was obviously a vampire a very powerful one at that.

She placed an arm round Basilic, not only did the vampire unnerve her but so did the energy coming from the goo. She wished it would just go, she could see it becoming trouble, especially with Jesse. 

The End

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