Get out of my head. Please!

The phoenix wandered over to join Konrad and Basilic. I hadn’t even noticed the basilisk get up. I had been too lost in my own thoughts. Gotta find a way of killing that memory for good, I think as my little girl’s face floats to the surface again. I breathe heavily. Get out of my head. Get out of my head. Get out of my head. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! But the little face won’t leave, the dark chocolate eyes gazing up at me, full of life and smiling as I approach her. I screw my eyes up, knowing what comes next.

Suddenly, pain registers in my mind. Not my pain, Gabby’s. I open my eyes, grateful for the distraction, but a stab of concern breaks through as I notice Gabby running her fingers over the broken glass left in the window. I slap her hand away from the shards of glass, my breathing still uneven. She looks up at me guiltily. My lips turn downwards in an unhappy line, a mixture of century old shame and disturbed horror. Why would she do that to herself...?

My stomach rumbles and I know I’m getting weak without the blood I need. The blob might be able to control the beast, and stop me from going on a blood thirsty rampage, but it can’t stop me needing the blood. I get up and apologetically interrupt Konrad.

‘Sorry, Konrad. I really need to go feed... This... blob thing might control the beast, but I still need the nutrition.’ I turn and pull Gabby up, getting ready to leave. On a last minute thought, I give the blob to Basilic, before clambering out of the window again.

The End

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