You are... ?

The shape shifter further back down the bus shouted out “You”, and when Konrad turned to look at her, she looked just as confused about why she’d called it out. He looked her in the eye, his eyes showing his anger at being addressed as ‘You’. He looked back at Jesse who actually seemed to have conquered the thirst. He’d have to find out how that thing worked. It could be very useful… He cleared his thoughts, but found he felt someone looking at him. The shape shifter. Still. He sighed and stood up, walking down the bus slowly. Why was he interested in talking to her? Fine, she had had contact with the thing, but still. So had Jesse. And Basilic. Which reminded him, he still needed to ask the basilisk about it. Then he reached the shape shifter.

“Hello,” He murmured. “I’m Konrad. You are… ?” Reaching into her mind, he plucked the name from it as easily as one pulls an apple from a basket. "Raven. Your name's Raven."

The End

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