Ask him.

‘No!’ I gasp, Konrad applying pressure to my chest. ‘I don’t need to! I’m fine. I’m fine.’ I tell him. I can feel my eyes changing, returning to their natural brown. Konrad frowns. He can see my thirst leave me and then he looks at my pocket.

‘What’s in your hand?’ Konrad asks, taking his hand off my sternum. I pull the blob out. ‘What is it?’ his voice betrays disbelief.

‘Venom and blood. Basilic’s venom and my blood, to be exact.’ I tell him, looking at the blob sitting in the palm of my hand. ‘Only he and I can seem to touch it,’ I glance up at Konrad. His expression is pretty intense. ‘I’m not sure what it does for Basilic, though. You would have to ask him.’ Konrad’s eyes flicker over to Basilic.

The End

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