Bus Rider

I spun around, looked at every face that was on the bus. But still, no one seemed to have heard it either, of have said it. Furrowing my brow, I turned back around and looked over at Alec, who was in the middle of snoozing against the window. Well, not really snoozing, we never slept, ever.

            “I thought that you, out of all people on this bus, would actually be smart enough to notice me!” Finally, looking over into the seat next to me, I was a person….Well not really a person, per se. A ghost. He was a shade of milky white, and through him I could still see the wolf girl sitting in the seat.

            “There ya go,” he said sarcastically, and smiled at me. He currently had his feet up on the back of the seat in front of him; his back angled on the back of his own seat. I realized, he was kinda sorta cute, for a dead boy.

            Not that I was alive either.

            He nodded his head to the side to get his bangs out of his face, then looked at me again, still smiling like he was having the best time of his life. “My name’s Eli, by the way.” He said, then motioned to me and my brother. “Alec and Celeste, no?”

            I nodded, not really know exactly what to think about him. Did no one else see if except for me? Alec was out, probably listening in on someone’s conversation, and No one else seemed to be aware of Eli.

            Eli... I thought to myself, the name sounded familiar. But from where? His face didn’t bring back any memories, however his name seemed to ring a bell.

            “Eli…..Right. So what are you doing on the bus?”

            “I should be asking you the same thing,”    

The End

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