The Feeling of the Pack

Konrad saw Jesse; he seemed to be struggling with something. The thirst, he though immediately. It was always the thirst. He knew what it was like, the first time he’d gone back into society after exiling himself… The memory shocked even him.

He saw blood thick on the ground, the bodies of men, not all dead, some trying to hide their groans of pain. There was so much blood there it would feed his thirst for a month. He had become a debased monster, feeding in the most despicable of ways. He also felt strong. Strong for the first time in nearly a century. He tried to transform. Suddenly he was a wolf, bounding through the streets, entering a forest and feasting off deer and other animals. He stayed away from wolves, though. He felt it would be base treachery. Against the Pack. It was an instinct he loved. Whenever he approached wolves they bowed before him.

A thought attacked him. It was a longing, a longing so intense he felt that the person it was coming from was about to reach out and pluck their desire from the few humans on the bus. He knew who it was. Jesse. He sighed. He knew the ‘repentant’ Rogue hadn’t been around humans for quite a while. It would be hard. He saw Jesse’s hand come out of his pocket and then the desire worsened, and Konrad leapt forward, placing a hand on Jesse’s chest, applying pressure.

“It will get easier, Jesse. We need to get off, and hunt. Humans. But you’ll not drain them, Jesse. They will live, or you won’t.”

The End

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