Voice Without a Face

I look around, for who ever called upon me. But no one looked at Alec and I. Turning around in my seat, I look at all the people behind me too. Some people had just returned to the bus, and some guys was back there chatting his lips off to the guys I now knew who’s name was Basilic.

            The girl, Gabby I think her name was, half talked, half glared at a guy who’s name was Jesse. My ears had not yet deceived me, so I quickly learned people’s names by listening to their conversations.

            I glanced over at Alec, but he didn’t seem to have noticed that someone had called out to us. But I could have sworn I heard someone…..

              I sighed and went back to stabbing at the gaps between my fingers, however I accidently drew blood, for I was not paying complete attention. The cut healed up in a matter of seconds, but not before a drop of blood dripped down onto the note book.

            It’d been a long time since I’d seen my own blood……

            "Hey, don't ignore me!"

The End

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