Talkative today, Konrad.

I hate him. I hate being inferior and I hate him for just ordering me around because he’s in a bad mood. Of course it doesn’t matter; my obedience might just save my life, but still... stupid old miser. I sigh and flop into a seat, the blob in hand. I poke at it, wondering what else it can do. Raven has fallen asleep across the aisle from me. Gabby is half glaring at me. I shrug and turn away, not expecting anything more from her.

I look over at Konrad. Sighing I think back to when I broke away from vampire customs. They’re so... rigid and unforgiving. Boring, in other words. Having spent nearly a hundred years as a vampire, hating the rules and the way of life as it was, I decided to break away. Alone and unafraid, at the time. I had a couple of other rogues that I met up with occasionally. I felt my tie to Silvas cut a while ago. That had been no great shame, Silvas was a prick.

That night, though, when I truly became a degenerate in the eyes of an Elder. The night I turned Alex. He had been hunting me for a while, and it came to a physical conflict. Evading him was no longer an option, the guy had cornered me. He was good at what he did, I will give him that. Except he wasn’t really any match for a strong vampire. I had just... eaten, when he found me. I had been at my strongest. And I had ripped Alex to shreds, or near enough. Then spat in his wounds. It had been a cruel move, and I guess part of me regrets it, though in retrospect, it was probably how he survived the wounds I gave him.

‘Jesse.’ Gabby’s voice snaps me out of my reverie. Her face is sullen and irritated.

‘What?’ I ask, my voice betraying impatience.

‘I just...’ she starts, but her brow furrows and she looks at the ground. ‘Would Alex really hate me for this?’ she asks eventually, breaking the silence between us.

‘Without a doubt.’ I tell her coldly. Somewhere in the back of my mind a small voice tells me to be less harsh, but what’s the point? I look up, past her and watch quietly as Konrad and Basilic talk with each other like they haven’t seen each other for a century. Never seen the old git talk so much.


The End

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