The Vampire and Basilisk

Konrad ran back to the bus, alongside Jesse. He jumped in through a hole in the side of it and transformed mid-jump. He then rounded on the Rogue.

“Well, then, where is this half-blood?” he spat, anger filling his blood. He’d just heard someone think about a brother, a vampire, who thought he’d conquered his Thirst. He muttered ‘Pah’ under his breath. He’d sort her out soon. Jesse turned around smartly and headed towards Gabby. Konrad hadn’t needed Jesse to find her, he just liked having the authority. Jesse stopped next to Gabby’s seat and pointed at her mutely. She was looking out the window.

“You are the one that Alex turned.” He said, a statement, not a question. Her head shot around and looked at him. She nodded, and then spoke hesitantly, obviously worried that Jesse, who Konrad knew of by ‘reputation’ as less than docile stood obediently at his side, glaring at Gabby like it was her fault that Konrad was there.

“You… You know Alex?”

“Yes, I do. I also know that he resents you, Gabby. He never wanted to turn you, did he?” She was about to answer when he cut her off with a glare and he tried his best to look annoyed.

“You are under-age to be a vampire, and if it were just vampires here I would remove your head, fill it with a mixture of silver and diamond, and then let your body burn in the sun,” he growled, eyes turning red again, “But, we are amongst others here, and I can’t do that… Yet. So, you are to stay near Jesse. Do as he says, or there’ll be trouble. He’ll tell you who I am. Don’t do anything he doesn’t.”

Then Konrad turned to Jesse and demanded the blob. Jesse, obviously hating his inferiority, handed it over meekly, and when he dropped it into Konrad’s hand, a dagger of ice pierced his hand and he growled in pain. He would have struck Jesse for insolence, but it faintly registered that he was just as shocked by this as Konrad.

“Take it. I shall find a way to examine it. Where is Basilic?” Jesse pointed down the bus. Konrad turned and walked towards his old acquaintance. He tapped him on the shoulder gravely, but broke into a grin as Basilic turned around and stood up.

“Konrad! I didn’t realise you were here! There’s a Rogue, back there… I’m sure you realised that, of course, but that means my debt I repaid, surely?”

“Jesse is trying to repent. He gave me a under-age half blood…” Basilic’s face dropped. “But you didn’t know he was trying to do that. Your debt is paid, but if you ever have anymore tip offs for me, I’d be very grateful,”

“Hey, I’m staying with you for a while! Oh, and this is Phoebe. Oh… She’s asleep again.. I don’t know how she does it…” Basilic trailed off.

The End

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