I'm in trouble now!

As Raven and I ran to catch up with the bus, I felt a strong presence coming towards us quickly. I had only ever met this presence a handful of times. I gasp and try to run faster, but it catches up. I turn and raise my arms defensively, skidding to a stop. I hear a snarl and the next thing I know is breathless pain. Have I not been beaten up enough recently? But... this is Konrad. In his eyes, I deserve it. He’s probably ready to kill me right here. I double over and stagger away from him, my hand trapped in my pocket as I stumble, unbalancing me. I glance up at the vampire. He’s shielding his eyes from the rising sun. I turn to its light and smile, unaffected in its glare.

‘Konrad.’ I manage to say in a half respectful tone, my voice thick from the pain.

‘What’s in your pocket, Rogue?’ he demands. I shake my hand free, fist clenched around the blob. He glares at the blob and grunts. ‘I’ll look at that later. Why are you coming this way? You were on that bus, weren’t you?’ I nod and meet his authoritative gaze as I speak.

‘I came to repent, Konrad. I know I’ve gone wrong, but I want to make amends for my ways. I stumbled across a half vampire, created by my own accident, and I have been tutoring her for the last day or so.’ He holds my stare until I look away.

‘I think this is something that should be discussed later, Jesse when we are not in the direct sunlight?’ Konrad says. I nod and look over at Raven. She looks a lot better now she’s stopped holding the blob. I guess it’s something only Bas and I can use? I shrug.

‘Let’s catch up with the bus then.’ I say, setting off. Raven transforms into her... well her raven form, and Konrad becomes a wolf, running alongside me. It’s an exhilarating run to catch up with the bus. The sun edges over the horizon, but I remain unaffected, my hand still on the blob. We don’t take as long as I thought we would to catch up with the bus, the shiny red hunk of metal visible from a mile away. I launch myself at the end of the bus again and crawl over the roof to the hole I made out of the window and wait for Konrad. He joins me a moment later and I swing myself back into the bus through the gaping hole.

The End

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