Haribos, Eh?

"Well, I suppose I could try living with a craving like that." I said seriously, before I couldn't take it any longer and a smile broke out across my face. "Thanks."

I skipped down to the gaping whole that was still in the side of the bus and lept out, bounding away down the road in search for a shop that sold turkish delight. I'd always loved turkish delight.

It wasn't long before I found the bus again, settling back into my seat with my arms full of sweets. The good kind, not covered in chocolate. I started chewing away, trying to focus on what I was eating, calculating each little nibble. Time flew by quickly as everything around me faded in the love for a peice of confectionary.

Weird, huh? I don't know how it happened, it was probably purely psychological, but the hunger - or rather, thirst - faded within minutes. Just so long as I thought of nothing else.

But then I got bored. Other thoughts began to  intrude. Mostly about Alex. He had been getting into my mind alot recently, most likely because I knew it wasn't long before I saw him again.

Opening my case, I put my turkish delight away. It tasted good, but I was starting to feel a little sick.

Vampires can get sick? Apparently.

So, maybe the new craving method didn't work for me. Maybe I should just try desensitising myself. By smelling humans. Mmmm... yummy.

Leaning forward, I inhaled deeply. Kelly was probably the only real human on the bus. Now I come to think of it, those new people, Alec and Celeste, didn't smell too good either. Sort of musty and old, like they'd been around for a long time.

My thoughts got all jiggled around as the scent reached my nose. I tried to re-focus, so as not to end up killing the girl who had offered me help. Even if it didn't work.

Closing my eyes, I started to think of something else, though still inhaling. I heard a slight rustling in the seat I was sniffing, and I reluctantly peeled my eyes open.

Kelly was glaring at me.

Laughing slightly, sheepishly, I reached back down to my case, retrieving the turkish delight.

"I just-  I was only... you know, one last hit before I leave it behind forever. Sorry." I smiled apologetically as she turned around again, taking another wiff and then sitting back to munch on my new craving.


The End

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