Retrieving the blob.

I curse to myself loudly. I’m alone, in the early hours, in the middle of nowhere, looking for a blob on the road. I look up at the road stretching out ahead of me. I’m just going to have to leave it and hope it’s dissolved or something like that. There’s something nagging at the edge of my mind, though. Another presence in this godforsaken road. I set off, jogging again, in pursuit of the bus, the early rays of sunlight beginning to sting at my skin.

That presence. It’s moving around randomly, but away from me. I pause, stopping for a moment to think. Should I follow the bus? It’s getting further and further away from me, and I have a way to go to catch up with it now. Or... should I follow the presence? I follow the instinct in my guts, telling me to follow the presence. I grit my teeth and hope to the Mother of Night that it’s the right choice. After all, leaving the bus behind completely could be a mistake. Aside from the fact that my sunglasses are in my bag under my seat, of course. I mean, Bas is still on the bus, and a half blood vampire that has no clue what this life means for her, really.

The Mother of Night’s call has faded now, whoever needed her must have had his calls answered... but I can still find the location I was being called to if I need to. Which I do. To repent for my break from the customs and life of the vampires. As I’m thinking about this, I’m running, faster than a jog or a human sprint. I’m trying to catch up with this presence, but there’s something weird about it. I’m sure I’ve felt this presence before, but at the same time, it’s almost like it’s being masked by something stronger. It still feels like it’s far away from me, but I must be getting closer to it now?

There’s a figure walking in the middle of the road. Of course, I don’t see it until I’ve run into it. I stop, stumble and regain my footing. I look up and apologise, before realising this is the presence I felt. As I hit them, something jolted in me and it clicked. It’s... Raven. She’s struggling with something, swearing to herself. She’s hardly noticed me.

‘Raven?’ I ask. Finally, she looks up and my sudden appearance gave her a start.

‘I didn’t notice you... I’ve been trying to stop this weird... thing... from feeling so weird.’ She mumbles. She’s holding something in her hand, all black and shiny and... blobby. She found it! I’ve just wasted an hour of my life looking for that bloody thing and she had it all along!

‘I’ve been looking for that for the last hour!’ I say, the words slipping out without me even thinking about it. She looks at me strangely.

‘This is yours?’ she asks. I nod and wonder whether I should ask for it back or help her out. She doesn’t look so good.

‘Mine and Basilic’s, yeah.’ I tell her. I hold out a hand, palm facing up, silently asking for it back. She hesitates and drops it into my waiting hand. I feel the zing of power from it and all the weird little feelings that come after that, and immediately notice the weak stinging of the sun fades to nothing. I look around, surprised, at the rising sun and I can look right into the light without feeling the burn. I look at the blob, kind of amazed. ‘You ok, Raven?’ She rubs her forehead.

‘Yeah... I just feel a bit weird. I think that blob thing did something to me, as well as those trees.’ She said. I look from her to the blob and back again, slipping it into my pocket, this time keeping my hand on it. Not only do I need to keep it from dropping out again, but if it’s going to protect me from the sun, then I’m not about to let go.

‘C’mon. Let’s go back to the bus.’ I say, putting my free arm around her shoulders.


The End

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