My Cravings?

'Do you really think my thirst for blood is some sort of craving?' I wasn't angry, just sort of incredelous.

She nodded, a smug look on her face. To be honest, I couldn't care less if her brother was a vampire, she still knew nothing about this life. Knowing vampires, he probably snuck out at night and sucked a few people dry.

'You realise I can't live without blood?' I informed her.

Understanding seemed to dawn on her face - I can't survive without feeding, it's like a human trying to live without food or water.

I sat back down as the bus pulled over to let another two people on. Someone should probably warn them what they're getting themselves into. So I stood up and went to sit across from them.

Sticking my hand out infront of the guy closest, I said "Welcome to the Protagonize bus. I hope you're weird. I'm Gabby by the way, and you  are...?"

He seemed wary to shake my hand, glancing to his friend before grasping it tightly. He seemed to flinch slightly at the coldness.

'I am Alec, and this is Celeste.' He motioned to the girl beside him. 'What exactly do you mean by 'weird'?"

I smiled at him hugely, showing my teeth in an almost menacing manner. 'Oh, I'm sure you'll find out soon enough.'

And I left them to think about that, going back to my seat behind Kelly.

The End

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