Light Through The Darkness

We stood on the gravel shoulder of the road together; staring straight ahead, saying nothing.

We’d been walking for what seemed like ages, but then again when you live for ages, days seem like seconds. We’d had no food or water for a while now, and there weren’t many cars to hitch hike in.

I sensed something, coming swiftly our way now, though. A car? No, it was much bigger and many people were coming with it. Well, some of them might be people, others…..I wasn’t quite sure what they were, but they definitely weren’t humans.

Their minds shone like little fireflies in the forefront of my mind. Some were regular, pure minds; others were tainted and some just down right crazy.

I finally turned to him, however he kept staring straight ahead.

“Do you feel it, Alec?”

“Yes, Celeste. Something’s coming.”

And headlights broke through the darkness that had enveloped us for so long.       

The End

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