Demons Aren't The Only Ones Who Can Persuade


A sudden calm came over me. No! I need my wits about me when talking to...well, this creature. Jenny is blushing as though she can see that which is in my mind at the moment. Believe me, I should be blushing at the thought of it. Why can't I be a normal, married schoolteacher with a wife the same age as me, like everybody else on this Earth?

I look over at Meg. She's eavesdropping on a conversation a couple of rows in front; something about vampires. I wouldn't be surprised if they are real too, now. My eyes have been opened by The Lord, but for what purpose? Maybe I can help this lost traveller? 

Meg glances over at me, then blushes-it must be because of Jenny. I raise my eyebrows at her, as if to say "Don't eavesdrop. Your curiousity won't do you any good", but she just turns away too quickly. Sigh. She never listens to anything I tell her. I notice Jenny is also looking over at the 'Vampire' talk-then I realise that she may be avoiding answering those questions I had just asked. Her face was starting to turn a deep red too....

"Jenny," I say using my most teacherly and commanding voice, "You know that you can talk to me. I don't appreciate being ignored. And if you want to talk to Meggan again, I can help you with that. Please."

Demons aren't the only ones who have the ability to persuade.

The End

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