As tempted as I was to go at full speed, I limited myself. I was looking for something black in the darkness. Despite my vampiric eyesight, I can still miss things. So here I am, jogging along the road we’ve just come along, looking for a black blob, that might well have been run over, or rolled out of the road and consequently out of sight. I’m looking for those dead trees as a signal that I’ve gone too far, but after a few miles, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m lost. I can’t see them.

I come to a stop, confused. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen everything here before. Just the trees were in worse shape before... I look closer at my surroundings. I have definitely been here before. Unless, of course, I am completely disorientated and lost and everything looks the same. Strong possibility there.

I sigh and start looking at the ground again, keeping my eyes focussed on looking for a black blob on the dark road. In the dark. Yes I’ve already said that. No. No, I don’t care.

After half an hour of looking, I decide to start moving in the direction the bus went, walking briskly. I have no idea how I’m going to find this thing til I can see better, but when the sun comes up I’m gonna start burning. Which is no fun. Maybe I can persuade Basilic to find it? No. I lost it... I have to find it. Sigh.

The End

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